Todd Tavern Alice Springs
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Todd Tavern Alice Springs
The origins of the Todd River begin in the catchment, on Bond Springs Station, where it flows past the Telegraph Station, almost through the center of Alice Springs, through Heavitree Gap at the southern end of Alice Springs and continuing on for some distance, passing through the western part of the Simpson Desert, as it becomes a tributary of the Hale River, and eventually flowing into Lake Eyre in South Australia.

The mainstream length of the Todd is approximately 50km and the catchment area of the Todd is approximately 445 square km.

Heavy rainfalls in the catchment to the north of Alice Springs cause the river to start flowing through the town around 6 to 8 hours later. The river can change from its normal dry bed to a bank-to-bank flow within a matter of 15 minutes, and it is possible to follow the leading edge of the flow as it snakes through town at a walking pace.

The indigenous Arrernte people know this river as Lhere Mparntwe (pronounced ler-ra m-barn-twa).

The river was named after Charles Todd, previously Postmaster General of South Australia.